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Have you ever heard of dormant oil before? If you are not very familiar with dormant oil, you may be asking yourself what exactly is it and how do I learn more about it? So what is dormant oil and what is it made of? Dormant oil is a horticultural oil that is sprayed on plants and trees when they are dormant to help control insects. It can be used on many different trees from fruit trees to lilacs.

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  • Dormant Oil Sprays
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Do Your Dormant Oil Diligence

Considerations for effective and safe use of dormant oil on tree fruit pests like San Jose scale. Michigan State University Extension educators and growers around the state reported higher than typical San Jose scale numbers on apple fruit in bins in and somewhat inDormant oil is an effective method to control San Jose scale and other tree fruit pests and should be considered for use in if the weather and growth stages are right. Keep in mind oil and green tissue are not very compatible.

Phytotoxic damage to buds, blossoms and fruitlets is possible, thus care must be taken to avoid weather extremes. Do not use oil sprays 48 hours before and after a frost event. Avoid using oils in very hot over 85 degrees Fahrenheit and humid conditions. Do not apply sulfur or Captan within several days of oil applications or phytotoxicity will occur. Good coverage is important for all spray applications, especially when using oil to target San Jose scale where the treatment target is on and under bark scales where the overwintering scales are.

A common way to use dormant oil is 2 gallons per at gallons water per acre at green tip with copper. Some growers will break up their oil applications into two sprays: once at green tip with copper and another at 1 gallon per at tight cluster with Lorsban. Rates need to be reduced as the oil is applied closer to pink.

Spur and bud damage is a high risk at pink and should be down to no more than 1 gallon oil perLate applications will offer the best help to control scale and mites and adding Lorsban or another insecticide will help control rosy aphids. Different crop protection retailers have different products and they all work similarly. Be sure to work closely with your spray salesperson for the best recommendation and use of their products.

Follow all label guidelines. Dormant oil needs to be applied with care and attention to the weather conditions before and after the application. This article was published by Michigan State University Extension.

Dormant oil for tree fruit pest management inDid you find this article useful? Please tell us why Submit. Check out the Crop and Soil Sciences B. Learn More. Michigan pesticide applicator recertification credits available online before the end of the year. Brown marmorated stink bug management survey for commercial producers. Michigan brown marmorated stink bug report for September 15,Search Search.

Dormant Oil Treatment

Here in Dayton, OH, we are nearing the end of winter. At Lawn Plus LLC , we offer a dormant oil application plan as part of our shrub and tree care services. Dormant oil sprays protect your fruit trees and shrubs from invasive insect populations. Investing in this service will not completely eliminate the problem, but it will kill most of the population, making them easier to control in the spring.

Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. · Bonide (BND) - All Seasons Horticultural and Dormant Spray Oil.

Dormant/Horticultural Oil Sprays

These are one of Laurelle's favourite winter shrubs. As we head into March, they are in full bloom and look absolutely stunning. These are a very impo November had blown in with wind, rain, a bit of cold, more rain and uh…rain. Welcome to winter on the West Coast. The bright side? Did you miss planting your bulbs last Fall? We have bulbs seedlings available at our Nursery that can be transplanted in your garden to e With our lawns b

Understanding Dormant Sprays & Horticultural Oils

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We are quickly approaching the best time of year to provide proactive care of trees by spraying dormant oil as we enter late winter and early spring.

Dormant Spray Schedule for Fruit Trees and Roses

Call Us! Posted by Sprayer Depot on Mon, Apr 04,Do you currently manage an orchard, vineyard, or a nursery? Now is the perfect time to spray dormant oil to protect your trees from pests. Timing, spray solution and spray equipment all have an impact on the effectiveness of your application.

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One of the major insect pests of camellia is tea scale. W inter time is prime time to apply, if needed, a dormant oil spray to deciduous fruit, nut and certain landscape trees and shrubs to control scale and other insect pests. Horticultural oils are highly refined petroleum products for controlling scale, mites and other overwintering insects and their eggs on plants. Horticultural oils work mainly by coating pests with a suffocating film of fine oil. Their toxic action is more physical than chemical and is short-lived. Horticultural oils for controlling insect pests have been around for many decades. Initially, their only use was as a dormant spray on deciduous trees since early formulations could injure plants when applied during the growing season.

WHICH PLANTS BENEFIT FROM A DORMANT SPRAY APPLICATION? Dormant oil and lime sulphur are best applied to fruit trees, roses, ornamental shrubs (highbush.

Cooperative Extension: Tree Fruits

The refined oil is combined with an emulsifying agent; this allows the oil to mix with water which makes spraying easier. Originally dormant oils were heavier and less well-refined, however, they have been replaced with light weight, better refined oils that can be applied all year round on foliage without damaging it. The time of application is now why it is referred to as dormant oil and not the properties of the oil.

When is a winter dormant spray necessary for home fruit trees?

Gardeners are not the only ones who enjoy fruit trees. Pests -- such as scales, aphids and mites -- feast on the tender plant parts and overwinter on the fruit trees. Dormant oils control these annoying pests and are safe for use on fruit trees. Homemade dormant oils provide the same benefits as commercial oils without the expensive price tag.

Horticultural oil aka Dormant oil is an ideal remedy to deter overwintering pests.

Dormant Oil Sprays

When we do, have your dormant oil sprays ready for application. There are a number of dormant sprays used on fruit trees and other plants to control various diseases and insects. However, a dormant oil spray is designed to control scale insects, aphids and mites. Just like the name implies, dormant oils are applied before the tree begins to bud. Dormant oil sprays are important because some pests attack before visible growth even begins. If you have a problem with scale, now is the time to start watching the weather and look for an opportunity to spray.

While it can be tempting to deal with those little buggers in any way that will get rid of them for good, selecting a less toxic option is better for you, your pets if you have any , and the planet. Dormant sprays and horticultural oils are both an effective and ecologically friendly way to manage many different kinds of insect pests and some diseases. They are toxic to the pests you are trying to deter but they are much more eco-friendly than many alternatives. Most pest control oils are made out of some form of mineral oil, which is a refined petroleum product.

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